Saturday, January 02, 2010

Spooks Spooked

If GHW Bush #41 went to visit CIA HQ Langley he'd pass through like a medieval Father Confessor saint, a cinematic moment. They need healing.

Perhaps if at this moment those of us who are not tied to the project of destroying America in the hope of some creative change in the future can reach out and take some advice from the scripts of the Left. Some people need healing, particularly in the Intelligence and Special Forces communities. All of us, Paleos and Neos and Trads and Sheepdogs and Bluedogs, Atheists and Believers, all need to reach out without rancor. First to those who are feeling traumatized and betrayed, not by an attack or several by a determined foe, we are better than that. but by a Command that does not value the fight. Then we need to talk to each other. The things we disagree on should never be papered over. Adults make choices and have priorities. The threats to the survival of the Republic are real and are both foreign and domestic. We can and will argue over trade policy or tax rates or aid to Israel. Who will now say that any of those are more important than the threats we face? We should reach out to all those who now feel threatened and betrayed and let them know that we honor and trust them. This is not a call for subversion or insurrection but for bonding. From such beginnings dramatic movements arise.

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