Thursday, January 07, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club
"Collateral Damage"

This is Reality TV come to issues of War and Terror.
It is approximately 1,000 meters from the NY Federal Reserve Bank to the United States Court House. With a little work Centre Street could be turned into a mall and opened up to Nassau. Essentially at one end of this Circus we will have a machine printing money and at the other end one burning it. Obama Holder and Schumer are the contestants racing from one end to the other with wheelbarrows full of thousand dollar bills to heap on the bonfire. Lining the route the MSM will sell peanuts and lead cheers for the baying masses. Members of the "educated class" will observe from special tents while nibbling sandwiches and sipping champagne.

Does Schumer really think that if the Fed picks up the tab this becomes "free?" Just who does he think pays federal taxes?

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