Sunday, January 03, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club
"Droning on"

All enemies foreign and domestic

The cancer must be fought with a variety of tools. That is what "Full Spectrum Warfare" means. We need to have confidence in the value of our civilization, the cultural underpinnings of our constitutional system, so that we can aggressively go forth and sell respect for America. The poisoning of our educational system not only degrades the quality of the work force in a relative sense to the competition but also absolutely reduces the ability of those recruited by the government to effectively represent us to the outside. George Schultz asked new ambassadors to point on the map for him to "their" country, then he would growl "No, here is your country. America is your country." When we are conducting combat against an enemy embedded in a foreign population then sometimes we will have to cut deep and perform radical surgery followed by a need to cauterize the wound. Fire from heaven can cleanse. Once the cancer is killed we must be willing to devote the resources to building a healthy body that will resist new infections.

Seventy years ago there were sizable jewish communities in Yemen and Iraq and Iran, really everywhere outside of KSA. Those communities are now gone. Without them the arab communities slip deeper into stagnation and Islamist rigidity. What the region needs is a transplant of a fresh culture. Perhaps in the next decades several million chinese of varying faiths and indian hindus will move to South-west Asia and East Africa.

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