Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Vandalism on Ivy League Campus Attacks Conservative as ‘Racist Rape Apologist…

Instapundit » Blog Archive » MOB RULE ON CAMPUS: Vandalism on Ivy League Campus Attacks Conservative as ‘Racist Rape Apologist…

For over twenty years there has been a coordinated campaign to deconstruct The University of Chicago and turn it from a research university where nothing mattered more than truth into another left wing privilege citadel. Barack Obama was brought to campus in 1992. He was never a regular faculty member and never was subjected to a faculty hiring process and review. He was appointed directly by the then Dean of the Law School Geoffrey Stone. At the same time his wife was given a job in the office of the Dean of the College John Boyer. Later, when Obama moved from the Illinois State Senate to the United States Senate, Michelle Obama was moved from the office of the College to the University Hospitals. There her job was steering poor people with expensive conditions to other hospitals. Neither was qualified for their jobs or connected to the University in any way that could explain their positions. Both were parachuted in at the direction of Trustee Penny Pritzker, the Hyatt Hotel heiress. Ms Pritzker has since been rewarded by an appointment as United States Secretary of Commerce. This history echoes Obama's record of advancement with Bill Ayers, the son of a Chairman of Commonwealth Edison.

Both Dean Boyer, then new in his position that he has held for 22 years, and Dean Stone, who was subsequently promoted to Provost, are men of the Left. Over 20 years ago I asked John Boyer how he as a Historian could contemplate weakening the best parts of the College, the classes based on the old Hutchins era Social Science sequence. He replied that if I had the money I could fund them. Around the same time I witnessed then Provost Stone meet a group of disaffected would be Latin revolutionary students with a list of demands, from the venal to the fascistic, then novel but which have since become familiar. Stone replied by assuring them that he was of the Left and one of them. 

When Michelle Obama was promoted to her new job at the Medical Center her salary tripled.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thirteen Years

I was there that day. It was Election Day, a Primary and I was working at a poll site in a High School in Queens. For the first time in American history we closed the polls and stopped an election. That was their first victory. Since I was already part of the Red Cross I got into HQ by 1 PM and was down by the Box by 2 PM. I remember the people standing by the West Side Highway watching us race South. I remember the cloud that still hung over Ground Zero and everything below Canal Street. We pulled up to a triage set up outside a school a block North of the site. As we pulled up I saw the doctors and nurses standing outside looking South. They were ready, they were waiting. No one came. They stood there looking South and I could see they were crying. They were there to save lives but there were none to save. I remember the flames and the smell. I remember the taste. It was a crematory and I knew I was breathing in asbestos and people. Above all I remember that I knew that I was breathing in the people.

There is a memoir today on Sean Linnane's blog that deserves to be read. This is my post from 2008. The same as above but longer. Lest we forget.