Saturday, January 07, 2006

New York Times for Idiotarian of the Year

Wanted to post this on Little Green Footballs.

Reasons to choose The New York Times from these three unworthies.

Sheehan is undoubtedly a conscious willing tool of those who would destroy America. She is clearly also a severely disturbed woman. Her actions do not significantly effect the world outside of her narrow self referential circle of believers. She is a political circus freak act who was used by the media to advance their agenda and then discarded.

Chavez is the polar opposite of Sheehan. He is a smart political infighter who is advancing his own agenda, to build a regime on the model of Castro's, even if it is not to an outsider in the best interest of his people or the world at large. While we may disagree with him or even destroy him we should not be offended by his opposing us or our interests.

The New York Times wins my vote by occupying the middle ground. It is a domestic organization, not just one possibly dysfunctional person, that should behave more responsibly. It is consciously, even treasonously, seeking to cripple our ability to defend against the real enemies we are at war with. They have squandered their patrimony of credibility to indulge a cult of self pity and hate.