Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two more comments on LGF

Second Outrage of the Day
Very distressing news from the meeting of the Quartet, where the US has apparently caved in to the pressure to fund the same Palestinian people who voted for this: (photo of vile death cult arts rally follows)

#32 LifeoftheMind 5/9/2006 03:48PM PDT
1st Principals of "our" that is Western Civilization include, "Actions Have Consequences." You voted for that regime? Fine, it is yours. Now if you claim that concept is euro or judeo-greco centric and in your civilization actions don't have consequences, or for that matter money is not lent at interest, then again fine. Give it a whirl, conduct an experiment. Just don't ask others to pick up your checks.

Chutzpah that is what it is, just chutzpah.

#74 LifeoftheMind 5/9/2006 04:50PM PDT
What is so odd about US support for the Palestinians is that meets no identifiable policy goal. It clearly does not further the development of a peaceful and productive society in areas under the control of the PA. It doesn't even buy good will in other Arab communities. The Arabs in general appear to be thorougly sick of the Palestinians and only champion their cause to get a rise out of westerners who have already telegraphed a weakness on this issue. If the Arabs mentioning the events of 1947, not a large scale expulsion, got the same blank look that a German mentioning the actual expulsion of millions from Eastern Europe gets then the topic would have been dropped decades ago.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Two More LGF Comments

Comment on
Twenty Seven Propositions for Reforming Islam
There’s so much bad news associated with Islam—hostages, murders, bombings, hijackings, ad nauseam—that it’s always good to find a ray of hope, no matter how small. MEMRI (often accused by the moonbat left of “cherry-picking” Arab media) has a report on North African anthropologist Malek Chebel, and his 27 Propositions for Reforming Islam.

#113 LifeoftheMind 5/5/2006 07:54PM PDT
Brave man. It never hurts to say a prayer for him. Remember that human nature will keep fighting the darkness. Gives me hope. Although I do suspect that guy is toast.

Comment on
Got Five in Gaza
Five more “militants” engaged in firing rockets at random into Israeli civilian areas have gone to meet Allah: Israeli air strike kills five militants in Gaza.

#10 LifeoftheMind 5/5/2006 08:22PM PDT

what it says are rocket launch sites
Is this a joke? Many things are subjective but whether a missle did launch from a given location is, after the event, a simple statement of fact.

In fact during Desert I it was my happy dudty to work at the Naval Intel Center Suitland. Since it wasn't a supporting and not a Tactical/ Operational command we had the luxury of using CNN (it was before Fox) to "confirm" missile launches. The confirmation was provided by reports of their impact or interception, That pretty much confirmed the launch, We were 100% accurate. A triumph for Intelligence.

#48 LifeoftheMind 5/5/2006 09:01PM PDT
#40 Ted
When I taught arguably on of the best days work I did was conjugating the word respect with my high school students.
You want Respect? Then to get it be Respectable.
You start by being Respectful. When you are full of Respect you give it to others and then you are able to receive it from them

Comment on Gateway Pundit

Commented on "Nutjob Ray McGovern Heckles Rummy"

Ray McGovern, the man who heckled Rummy on Thursday, has a trail of lunatic behavior a mile long... But, to the mainstream media, he's just your average "retired CIA analyst!"

LifeoftheMind said...
Now let's get this right. The CIA, a dysfunctional organization riddled with security risks, gives bad information to the White House. The White House uses that bad information, among other reasons which were not bad to justify the war. Then various security risks and conspiracy junkies associated with the same crowd from the CIA accuse the White House of using the bad information they supplied. This approaches the legal definition of Chutzpah which is "Killing your parents and then demanding the mercy of the court as an orphan."

9:25 PM

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Posted on three threads on Littlegreenfootballs.

"Our Number One Enemy is the Criminal America"
Thursday, May 04, 2006
General Abdorrahim Musavi, Chief of the Joint Staff in
the Iranian army, talks about Iran’s preparations for war with America, on
Iranian television, April 19, 2005. (Courtesy
Knowing that our number one enemy is the criminal America, we focused on
it. We identified its strengths and weaknesses...
We realized that America’s military power is greatly overestimated ... 60
to 70 percent of it is psychological warfare. U.S. military power is only 20 or
30 percent of what is portrayed.

3:05 PM PDT


LifeoftheMind 5/4/2006 03:40PM PDT

#52 is right, Iran would be a Real War folks. That doesn't mean I'm against it; just think we need to do it right. Congressional declaration, full propaganda, and mobilization and a US Grant demand for Unconditional Surrender. The country is called Iran and not Persia because the last Shah's father was an admirer of Hitler and wanted to stress his nations Aryan, ie non-Arab identity. That element was not purged by the Khomenei revolution, if anything as a romantic rejection of westernism, it was strengthened.


LifeoftheMind 5/4/2006 03:50PM PDT

#89 Even MacArthur, on his better days, would have noted the success was due not to him but due to the benefits that our free culture gave to the enlisted fighting man. He was a reformer and not a traditional martinet. Properly lead and motivated there is no equal to the forces of an aroused America.

Hamas Goes to Sweden
Sweden said ‘no’ to Hamas.
Today they said ‘yes.’


LifeoftheMind 5/4/2006 03:27PM PDT

The Swedes before WWII were more Aryan than the Germans in many ways and after the war did not have to confront, that is cleans out, the fascist influence that had seeped into their country. In many ways Sweden may be the emotionally least equipped country in Europe to react to the current threat.

De Villepin's Greatest Fear
French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) is having
a serious case of the vapors over the possibility
of (gasp!) military action against Iran

LifeoftheMind 5/4/2006 03:09PM PDT
DeV(iant)'s biggest fear is that he will fall into the hands of some US country prosecutor who connects the dots on his corruption and decides that hundreds of our soldiers having died because the French blackmailed the Turks into stopping the northern invasion of Iraq by the 4th ID is a debt that is way overdue.

Oh, don't be narrow minded. They don't all need to be Christian, some should be free to choose, Buddhism or Hinduism or Judaism or Zaroastranism or anything. Yathrib was Jewish after all before Muhammed murdered the Qureyesh tribe.