Friday, May 05, 2006

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Twenty Seven Propositions for Reforming Islam
There’s so much bad news associated with Islam—hostages, murders, bombings, hijackings, ad nauseam—that it’s always good to find a ray of hope, no matter how small. MEMRI (often accused by the moonbat left of “cherry-picking” Arab media) has a report on North African anthropologist Malek Chebel, and his 27 Propositions for Reforming Islam.

#113 LifeoftheMind 5/5/2006 07:54PM PDT
Brave man. It never hurts to say a prayer for him. Remember that human nature will keep fighting the darkness. Gives me hope. Although I do suspect that guy is toast.

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Got Five in Gaza
Five more “militants” engaged in firing rockets at random into Israeli civilian areas have gone to meet Allah: Israeli air strike kills five militants in Gaza.

#10 LifeoftheMind 5/5/2006 08:22PM PDT

what it says are rocket launch sites
Is this a joke? Many things are subjective but whether a missle did launch from a given location is, after the event, a simple statement of fact.

In fact during Desert I it was my happy dudty to work at the Naval Intel Center Suitland. Since it wasn't a supporting and not a Tactical/ Operational command we had the luxury of using CNN (it was before Fox) to "confirm" missile launches. The confirmation was provided by reports of their impact or interception, That pretty much confirmed the launch, We were 100% accurate. A triumph for Intelligence.

#48 LifeoftheMind 5/5/2006 09:01PM PDT
#40 Ted
When I taught arguably on of the best days work I did was conjugating the word respect with my high school students.
You want Respect? Then to get it be Respectable.
You start by being Respectful. When you are full of Respect you give it to others and then you are able to receive it from them

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