Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two more comments on LGF

Second Outrage of the Day
Very distressing news from the meeting of the Quartet, where the US has apparently caved in to the pressure to fund the same Palestinian people who voted for this: (photo of vile death cult arts rally follows)

#32 LifeoftheMind 5/9/2006 03:48PM PDT
1st Principals of "our" that is Western Civilization include, "Actions Have Consequences." You voted for that regime? Fine, it is yours. Now if you claim that concept is euro or judeo-greco centric and in your civilization actions don't have consequences, or for that matter money is not lent at interest, then again fine. Give it a whirl, conduct an experiment. Just don't ask others to pick up your checks.

Chutzpah that is what it is, just chutzpah.

#74 LifeoftheMind 5/9/2006 04:50PM PDT
What is so odd about US support for the Palestinians is that meets no identifiable policy goal. It clearly does not further the development of a peaceful and productive society in areas under the control of the PA. It doesn't even buy good will in other Arab communities. The Arabs in general appear to be thorougly sick of the Palestinians and only champion their cause to get a rise out of westerners who have already telegraphed a weakness on this issue. If the Arabs mentioning the events of 1947, not a large scale expulsion, got the same blank look that a German mentioning the actual expulsion of millions from Eastern Europe gets then the topic would have been dropped decades ago.

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