Friday, May 05, 2006

Comment on Gateway Pundit

Commented on "Nutjob Ray McGovern Heckles Rummy"

Ray McGovern, the man who heckled Rummy on Thursday, has a trail of lunatic behavior a mile long... But, to the mainstream media, he's just your average "retired CIA analyst!"

LifeoftheMind said...
Now let's get this right. The CIA, a dysfunctional organization riddled with security risks, gives bad information to the White House. The White House uses that bad information, among other reasons which were not bad to justify the war. Then various security risks and conspiracy junkies associated with the same crowd from the CIA accuse the White House of using the bad information they supplied. This approaches the legal definition of Chutzpah which is "Killing your parents and then demanding the mercy of the court as an orphan."

9:25 PM

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