Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Comment on LGF "Bush Weighs 'Reaching Out' to Muslim Brotherhood"

#351 lifeofthemind 6/20/2007 8:16:56 pm PDT

1) Israel should line up hundreds of artillery tubes with counter battery fire controls and announce that any collateral damage resulting from their reponse to fire is the fault of the Unlawful Combatants who launch from civilian locations. Israel should also annex Bethlehem and expel post 1991 Islamist intruders.

2) Bush needs a Thatcher to keep him from going "Wobbly." Blair has been good on the war but he is gone now.

3) How does Thompson - Giuliani look as a ticket? Seems playable against Hillary or any of the other likely Democratic candidates. More so certainly than a ticket with McCain or Romney leading.

4) The Moslem Brotherhood will take power in Egypt soon. Expect to hear of the need to rescue millions of Copts and ransom archeological treasures from the threat of extremist destruction. The left will ridicule the threat at first but they didn't believe the Taliban would destroy the statues of Buddha.