Thursday, April 10, 2014

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Indefinite Man"

Belmont Club » The Indefinite Man

Brandeis' Core Value is "take the money." People take at face value self identified Jewish institutions and then add a set of preconceptions based on that. 

In New York we will soon have the Israel Day parade sponsored by the United Jewish Appeal and the American Jewish Committee. These are two old mainstream organizations that have raised millions of dollars over many decades from the Jewish community. Their present leadership have endorsed and advanced the Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement targeting Israel. Organizations that support BDS, such as J Street, have been invited to participate in the parade.

There is a tension between the need for certainty in the face of corruption and the need for doubt in the face of complexity. Without certainty there are no standards to be held to. Without doubt there is no need to inquire test and innovate. 

We need both 
"Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders."
"I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken."

Those whose vision of purity admits of no imperfections, and therefor of no mercy of change can only rejoice at the death of their near rivals, as Luther did of Zwingli's, even over those of their avowed enemies. The Irish should be grateful that they only had a Congregational Calvinist to deal with.

The universities are now far down the path of pursuing money at the expense of free thought. Eisenhower was concerned by the effects of big government on academia. He was right but by considering the simple interests of the National Security State of his time the whole of the problem he did not consider the future vulnerabilities and stages involved. The universities became addicted to big projects and sponsorships, not only from government engineering and science but then also from Area Studies in the Social Sciences and Humanities. That inflated budgets and costs and bloated administration at the expense of teaching. It reduced the dependence on students and cut the bonds between faculty and the public as alumni, parents, and students. The hunt for money to keep feeding the swollen system made the universities open to influence from private foundations and foreign governments. Those interests then had a mechanism to penetrate first the universities and then the government administration and other segments of society. That is the Gramscian March.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

On Instapundit: Blog Archive: "James Taranto: Justice Thomas Was Right: Citizens United ..."

As I do not wish to spend money on a new computer now I need to find a better browser than Safari for my old MacBook. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The blowback on this will be frightening. The radical homosexual lobby have done things that will convince average people that they really are part of a crazy alien conspiracy determined to destroy America and that they really are coming for your children. The result will be the political rise of fringe extremists, increased violence against and by gays and the recriminalization of conduct. For all those who wanted to tear down the safe smug Ozzie and Harriet world of 1950s America they can now look forward to something far far worse. We may all end up in Putin's Russia.

Friday, January 03, 2014

On "Instapundit » Blog Archive » THE HILL:
Eleven state attorneys general slam Obama healthcare fixes as illegal."

Instapundit » Blog Archive » THE HILL: Eleven state attorneys general slam Obama healthcare fixes as illegal. The attorneys g…

The attitude of the Democrats is worse than "Laws? We don't need no stinkin laws." If you demand a law they will laugh and cough up another 3,000 page monster. They think that they have cover from a tame media and all the law they need. Buried within the ACA are hundreds of Easter Eggs saying "the Secretary may" or "the Secretary shall." Legislative power was transferred to Sebelius and Obama is Sebelius' boss so Obama can rewrite the law as he pleases. They really believe that. The ACA was not a piece of legislation about Health Care. It was a Constitutional Amendment. It should be renamed the AEA, the American Enabling Act.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Theo Spark: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE (UK) GUARDIAN / OBSERVER NEW...: An American response to an editorial in the Guardian, Sept 21, 2013: "American gun use is out of control. Shouldn't the world inte...
(from "Sean Linnane")

Criminals should not have access to guns. See how easy it is when we all agree? Mr Porter thinks that denying access to firearms to law abiding people will keep the weapons from the criminals and that society will then be peaceful and safe. We have a natural experiment. In one location, Red State/county America, there is a large armed population with a low crime rate and a low death from firearms rate. In two other locations, Blue State/County America and the UK, we have strict rules against firearms ownership. In both places where guns are illegal there is a large uncontrolled criminal class running wild. While there are more deaths from firearms in Blue America than in the UK in neither are people safe.

All this is besides the real point of the Second Amendment and having an armed citizenry. The guns are not there to control crime but to control the government. In the UK people are not citizens but subjects of a government that allocates authority to a winner through an electoral ritual that does not alter the top down distribution of authority. In America the authority comes from the bottom with limited powers assigned to the federal government. The people do not have to engage in bloody revolution or resort to their firearms to restrain government on a regular basis. We hope that they never have to. The ability and right of the people to reject a tyrannical regime is however at the root of all the freedoms that the people form their government to protect.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comment on PJ Media »
Announcing PJ Media’s New Registration System

PJ Media » Announcing PJ Media’s New Registration System

This may be studied in Business Schools for years to come as a Case Study of corporate ineptitude on a level with such classics as the Great Snapple Debacle. Absolutely zero concern was shown by management for either internal or external customers. The internal customers are the staff, in this case the Blogger/Content Providers such as Richard Fernandez or Zombie or Victor Hansen. Since no one generates the content to turn a profit a little courtesy on the part of management is needed. The external customers are the Commentators who are lured by the desire to read the Content and see their own deathless prose in the comments preserved for posterity. They provide the eyeballs that the Managers hope to sell to advertisers.

What was lost?
1. The comments. An archive of years of often valuable discussion by subject matter experts and an irreplaceable record that future Historians could have accessed. This was an act of pure vandalism.

2. A functional format.

3. Tools that could be customized, as Wretchard did at the Belmont Club.
a. Edit
b. Preview
c. html codes < b > < i > < a href="insert link here" >
d. Embedded links
e. Subscribe to comments.

4. Comment numbering.

What was gained?
a. Avatars
b. An Orwellian Like without a corresponding Dislike option.
c. A "Report Abuse" option. This has been used once that I found, to hide a most innocuous comment on the Belmont Club by MachiasPrivateer. Clearly this has given a weapon to the hostile and destructive that will be misused to shut down this community.

Mr Hanscom's boss is according to the "About Us" page is the COO Sandra Rozinski. According to Zoominfo Ms Rozinski's last job was VP for Customer Satisfaction and Corporate Planning at Candle Corp. She is a numbers cruncher, not an engineer or sales professional. Candle was acquired by IBM. I wonder how their internal and external customer satisfaction was.

Nothing that I have seen indicates that either Mr. Hanscom nor Ms Rozinski are secret Lefties bent on destroying PJM, so take off the tin foil hats. Apply Occam's Razor and consider that this is probably a case of simple bad management leading to paralysis. We see it everyday in corporations across America. It is usually worse in larger organizations. The amazing thing is that things are worse outside of the U.S.

What should be done? Mr. Hanscom and Ms. Rozinski should have responded within 24 hours to the concerns of their dissatisfied customers, both internal and external. Perhaps they could consult with a skilled professional, Richard Fernandez comes to mind, on what user interface and features would most please their customers. They could propose changes, solicit advice, consider feedback, and alter plans. They could do what management, especially management experienced in overseeing customer satisfaction, is expected to do.

If anyone finds evidence of foreign money and influence then we go from there.

Add to the list of annoyances with the new format that it is effectively impossible to log in, change profile information, and comment from my Blackberry. Add that to the inability to subscribe to comments, lack of an edit feature, lack of html features, loss of Preview, Like without disclosing who liked and no Dislike, Orwellian new Terms of Service, and of course loss of the archives. Quiet an achievement for Customer Satisfaction.