Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Cowboy 42,
Thank you for the courtesy of remembering me. I did not leave the blog at our host's request. Whiskey was not my enemy, indeed I had at first urged forbearance but when he descended to personal abuse of our host I supported his removal. More problematic for those who remember the Flame Wars was the erratic behavior of Habu. While an often incisive and engaging commentator, he began bullying women and then intimated a threat of violence.

Why do intelligent productive people fall into the aridity of personal abuse and hate? Perhaps it is a response to a trauma or the aging process. When it happens it is frightening to see. The less talented trolls or hate mongers find cover and exploit such problems. Wretchard managed to hold the ship on course at a difficult time.

My reason for leaving was simply that I was being stalked through the threads by a lunatic that I had met in real life and invited here. My apologies to all. There is apparently no way to protect anyone from that. Know that I follow you and wish you, well almost all of you, well.