Monday, October 20, 2008

Comment on PJM "Obama Supporter Assaults Female McCain Supporter in NY"

I was there 2 minutes after this happened. The cops were right there on the spot. The McCain people were doing everything correctly and by the book. Not obstructing traffic, holding signs, offering small flyers and calling out politely things like “McCain for Manhattan” or “Good afternoon, John McCain for President.” Occasionally some angry looking older woman or very arrogant and angry looking young man would walk past us and yell over their shoulder “Go home” or “More War.” One woman did come up and say “Don’t you want the war to end?” and another yelled “Zionists.” A few young Blacks stood in the intersection and started chanting “Obama” for a couple of minutes. Most out of towners were very friendly and enthusiastic and maybe one out of four locals gave us a quick thumbs up or said something encouraging. More of the McCain support seemed to come from working class rather than people in business suits but it was spread out. A percentage of the people, maybe one in every 20, would say something like “You are brave to do this” without identifying their position.

Obama told his people to “Get in their faces.” Obama is responsible for all the violence in this campaign. The McCain campaign is obsessed with being inclusive. Black Americans are present, often in leadership roles, at most events. If anything, a sign, a chant, anything at all, has even a hint of being in questionable taste everyone jumps all over it to stop it.

I have spent years in Hyde Park/Kenwood. I do not know the Obamas personally but I know the people around them. The reality is almost as bad as the imaginings on the web. I have met the McCains and the Palins. They are OK. That is the best I can offer you as advice.

Regarding Colin Powell’s motives, see The Belmont Club threads on PJM on the money linking Obama, radical Carbon Offset control of the economy and Powell.

Comment on Belmont Club "God's green earth"

The implosion of American wealth and power that this transformation to socialist regulation leads to will cause a global depression. However the relative impact will fall hardest on the US. Therefore the Third World and the Arabs will suffer from a loss of power but will see their relative positions improve compared to that of the Americans. The liquidation of Israel and the subjegation of Eurabia will be able to proceed without interruption.

Oct 20, 2008 - 5:48 am