Monday, November 21, 2011

Out Of The Wreck

While cleaning up, a task of biblical proportions, I happened upon this.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New York Botanical Garden:
Holiday Train Show - 2011

Today was Member's Day at the New York Botanical Garden to see one of the best bits about living in NY, the annual Holiday Train Show. The Garden was almost untouched by Hurricane Irene, as was most of the city, but it was badly damaged by the freak October snowstorm. The Magnolia trees were particularly hard hit. The Director I believe happened to be on hand when I visited and he noted that they had intended to redo that part of the Garden eventually so this just moved those plans up. Given the real financial hardship the Garden and all charitable institutions in NY face that was was putting a very brave face on things, so I congratulated him on earning the "Lemonade Award."

The loss of Lehman Brothers left a hole in the city's fabric that very few understand.

The NYBG Holiday Train Show - Old NY.

The Holiday Train Show - Never better.

A bright future with sleek technology awaits.

Pennsylvania Station - the lost glory of NY.

Toys for boys.

The urban urbane jungle.

Manhattan towers.

Yes with trains, passing the Guggenheim Museum.

Orson Welles on a movie set "the world's greatest set of electric trains."

A horrible derailment, #ohthetragedy.

Passing Grand Central Station.

I got the hat and the t-shirt.