Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Comment on Jonah Goldberg, The Corner - NRO:
We’re Here from the Government

We’re Here from the Government - By Jonah Goldberg - The Corner - National Review Online

How will the Constabulary respond next when the residents encourage the neighbor at the entrance to the cul de sac who made the call that started this to move to someplace more welcoming? Good governments and good police departments when they get a request like this realize that they are being asked to pour gasoline on a local dispute and investigate first or seek to stay out.

The man has every right to stand on his property and say or yell anything he wants to. The rule should be that he can be ordered to stand far enough so as not to pose an immediate threat, that should be 12 feet. He should charge the woman who was out of uniform with violating his civil rights. If she was wearing anything that misrepresented her status then that should be an additional charge. She definitely lied to him, which a cop can do in many circumstances. In this case she promised not to allow the removal of the hoop if he stepped back and said he could request a review. That type of lie is not the same as saying falsely to a suspect that someone else has confessed, which is permissible.

Monday, March 28, 2011

On Jonah Goldberg, NRO: Re: Veena Malik:
YouTube - Pakistani Actress Defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior

YouTube - Pakistani Actress Defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior on an Indian Reality TV Show

Imagine if she had finished by calling out,
"Oh my True Brothers this false Imam has lied and claimed he was my brother and he has dishonored and slandered me. Protect me my Brothers and punish him."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Comment on Roger L Simon: The PJ Tatler »
My suggestion to replace Couric

The PJ Tatler » My suggestion to replace Couric

cthulhu 35, Beat me to it.

Mary Katherine Ham would be a brilliant choice. She is a real journalist. She grew up knowing the business as her father is a journalist and she can both write and do video. Pull in John Stossel for feature reporting and build a core of two dozen real reporters from two sources. Half from the despised local affiliates who actually knock on doors and follow stories and half from those with recent military service.

Next we need a program to rebuild the pipeline of qualified people who work in delivering the news. To many of the people working in the news industry have earned their credentials in Soros funded advocacy shops after a stint in grad school but have never held a real job or performed old fashioned news chasing. Getting a paycheck in the news business, as opposed to working in it, becomes a stop in a revolving door between foundations and government, with a little excitement and occasional danger thrown in. Given the shifts to New Media this has been tolerated as part of an fin de siècle indulgence. If people really believe in and want to save journalism then they need to break the cycle of self indulgence and cronyism. The reform to open up the industry to new voices would be to ensure that admission to the Gatekeeper J schools happen after 5 years in some real job, such as the military, teaching, banking, engineering etc. These would be no panacea, cronyism and ideological corruption are like rust in that they never sleep. Serious efforts to demonstrate a commitment to reforming the scandal stained image of Journalism could prove clever marketing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Biblical Weather

What new disasters does this portend? Does the snow and freezing rain mean that Al Gore sneeked into town to talk about Global Warming?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The People's Urban Transit Zystem, it's the PUTZ:
Also Known As, The Electric Sewer

Interesting episode on the subway, genuine full bore ranting racist lunatic, he screamed from 14th to 59th on the BMT. No cops showed.

Conductor said he called and was unhappy we were not met. My concern was that some amateur would do something and it would get physical. It got close but fortunately no cigar.

(On Facebook Judith Weiss reasonably replied "Video?")

Thought about it but given that I was sitting where I could respond if needed it seemed best to focus on not provoking a reaction. If it went that next step I would have wanted the evidence. One older Spanish guy as he exited at 49th punched the wall above the guy. Then just before the person of interest departed at Lex a very whitebread in his 20s kid babbled to the guy about Obama. Inside I groaned at the cliches coming to life and wondered where the cameras were as life imitated art. The ranter yelled that he had met Obama and left. People applauded like the kid was a hero and I was unhappy because if it had gone another way then I would have had to act and people including me could have got hurt. Icing on the cake, I chatted up the girl next to me about safety and cell phones and what I know about Obama. It wasn't a movie, she wasn't single.

The subject was a black male approximately late 40s to early 50s, lean, moderate complexion, about 5' 10" and 160 lbs, clean shaven except for a trimmed mustache and neatly dressed with a white short sleeve sports shirt, and an undershirt beneath that, and a yellow windbreaker, tan trousers. Perhaps describing him as a slightly taller and better looking but not as dark version of Spike Lee without the glasses would give the picture. Physically we were a close enough match that if I was a ranting insane black man he could have been me. He cursed explicitly saying "Suck my d*ck" and F*ck you all" at everyone. He included all white and asian people and black women as hate objects but he mentioned that Indians were OK because they had worn collars. No idea if he meant South Asians or Native Americans by that. He stated clearly "I don't give a sh*t" and "I have nothing to lose"and that he was "not some homeless bum" because he "had so many jobs that he was" something that I did not quite get, perhaps he said that he was an encyclopedia. He deliberately sat with his knees spread as wide apart as possible, if needed I know where I would have punched first, and his arms up with elbows out to the side so that no one could sit beside him. He was carrying a large envelope.

Given his behavior and the possibility that he was either under the influence of a drug like PCP or simply capable of rage he could have proven dangerous. Then again if properly dealt with by trained professionals such people sometimes deflate quickly. My hope was that a cop would have shown up and gotten him off the train and processed him through the database for warrants or a protection order. Frankly I think that his just getting up and leaving was a piece of luck but that I felt bad about watching him go to probably confront others without me or anyone else reliable around. It would certainly hurt if I read a report that someone got hurt later and he was involved.

Cubana Café

Either because the Enchilada was so good or due to my being so hungry that I couldn't wait but about a third of this vanished before I stopped to take a photo.

For this the green Habanero sauce seemed right. Enough of that and you think that you could walk into a Japanese reactor and laugh. Maybe in a Japanese restaurant wasabi has the same effect.

YouTube - Argument to Beethoven's 5th

YouTube - Argument to Beethoven's 5th

This may be the most brilliant bit of theater that I have ever seen.
H/T rhhardin

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Comment on Andrew Stiles - The Corner -
National Review Online:
McConnell, McCain: Next CR Must Include Long-Term Defense Funding

McConnell, McCain: Next CR Must Include Long-Term Defense Funding - By Andrew Stiles - The Corner - National Review Online

We need to hard wire in a 'Law of Fours' setting budget boundaries.

Defense, other than combat      - 4% GDP
Federal non-Defense spending - 4% GDP
State and local spending            - 4% GDP
Federal Deficit retirement         - 4% GDP

Set in stone that Medicare/Medicaid will be computed under 2008 standards but that allocations will decline by, wait I bet you guessed it, 4% from the preceding fiscal year. It took over 40 years for the monster to eat us and it will take 40 years to get out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rewards Tuesday

Times are so bad that I went out and got work. We shall see how this turns out but as of now I shall write of other things.

Like any Hunter after the kill I wanted to reward myself with a feast, so I repaired to 32nd Street for Korean food. You start out with miso soup and a plethora of kimchee. The mushrooms were something new and a good idea.

Then comes the bulgogi beef bento box. The iceberg lettuce with french dressing always seems bizzare but the cool sweetness does balance the spicy meat and side dishes.

Altogether it is plenty of good food for for ten bucks plus tax and tip.

From there I went up to the Met to admire great works of man and nature.

But really I do not think that I am old enough to make a fool of myself over a girl that young, at least not until some country makes me Prime Minister.

Finally I stopped by Hebrew Union College down at Broadway and 4th Street to see presentation by Netally Schlosser, a charming Israeli artist on work she is doing with the immigrant community, often illegal, in her country. While I am clearly for secure borders and the rule of law it does strike me that there are benefits to treating people humanely until they are removed. Also the art struck me as a good thing in itself. There is no doubt however that Evelyn Waugh in his day would have made a scathingly witty description of it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rally At the Manhattan JCC

There was a small but enthusiastic rally outside of the Manhattan Jewish Community Center at Amsterdam Ave and 76th Street. The JCC in its zeal to be progressive and inclusive has lent material support to groups that are promoting the movement for Boycott Disinvestment and Sanctions against Israel. This use of the facility for that purpose has been advanced by members of the Board of Directors including Ms Carol Zabar. This is a great pity as there are few places even in New York where you can get really good blintzes. Somewhat bizarrely the protesters point out that in San Francisco of all Left Wing bastions the local JCC came up with a Code of Conduct that prevented such a problem.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comment on Althouse:
"Democrat staff engineered mob’s unlawful invasion of Wisconsin Capitol Building."

Althouse: "Democrat staff engineered mob’s unlawful invasion of Wisconsin Capitol Building."

In principle I do not believe in creating more laws or changing the US Constitution like it was some municipal code or the Charter of the Year in France. Still some improvement may be due.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment:

Section 1. No person may vote for on office that controls their income and no legislator may disburse the incomes of those nor executive pay the incomes of those that elect them.

All payments for labor or service over $500 shall be reported to the federal government noting if it represents monies drawn from any public treasury. All persons shall report their incomes annually, noting what portion shall be drawn from either the federal purse or that of any states or foreign government.

No person who derives the majority of their income from the federal treasury, excepting enlisted members of the armed forces and officers called to extended active duty in time of war, shall vote in any election for Congress. No person who derives the majority of their income from any state or states of the union shall vote in any election for Governor or their state legislature or any subsidiary unit or municipal office.

No person who derives the majority of their income from any foreign government or who is not a citizen shall vote in any election in these United States. However permission may be granted for persons to vote for representatives to advisory or administrative bodies that have no power to levy taxes or bind the government to a contract without legislative confirmation.

Section 2. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Then just repeal the XVIIth Amendment and we could get back to business.

Comment on Althouse:
Chaos at the Wisconsin Capitol tonight.

Althouse: Chaos at the Wisconsin Capitol tonight.

The lawful authority in Wisconsin is in a very difficult position with few tools available. Between the media coloring perceptions and the White House controlling federal assets the duly elected government is not garaunteed to survive.

The breach of discipline by the State Police is most serious. They are no longer a lawful police authority. They are now a partisan force with guns. That makes this an Insurrection.

Does the Governor still command the loyalty of the Wisconsin National Guard? Can he mobilize a Company of the Guard and have them clear the Capitol? If need be can he call on the Republican Governors of neighboring Michigan and Iowa for assistance?

Given the current occupant of the White House an appeal for help under the US Constitution Art. IV, Sect. 4, cl. 2 is unlikely to work. It is more likely that if the Governor did activate the Guard that Obama would federalize them and then make a speech about Little Rock and the school house door.

If all else fails the Governor could call out the unorganized Militia, that is almost all males, citizens or lawful permanent residents, between 17 and 45, or veterans up to age 64. The term militia has already been demonized in the popular imagination by its association with fringe groups during the 1990s. Most people probably believe that the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh was an act of militia violence.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Commenting Banned by al-Reuters:
Gaddafi says fighting terrorism,
raps lack of help | Reuters

Gaddafi says fighting terrorism, raps lack of help | Reuters

The following was rejected at al-Reuters, where my account is now banned from commenting.

The answer to Quakadaffy is that one reason not to be a totally selfish narcissistic whackjob is that by doing so you generate noise and might provide cover for the more dangerous threats that are out there. One reason to want the Charlie Sheen of Libya out is that he should have created conditions that reduce the appeal of totalitarian religious cults like al-Qaeda. If they are showing up after 31 years of rule by the Great Leader of silk robes and gold braid and his all girl security team then who is to blame?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Alumni Survey

I just completed an alumni survey from The University of Chicago. Of course these are really just fundraising devices but I decided to tell them what I thought since they had asked. After the expected sequence of radio button Yes-No choices such as “Are you working in the field you studied?” and “Is your support important to the University?”, answers No since I am not working at all and Yes which is hard luck for them they ended with this;

6. Please let us know if you have any suggestions about how we can serve you better.

So I told them as follows:

The University has seriously damaged its image over the last few years by allowing its name to be used for political purposes. The engagement of members of the faculty in the greater world can be a good thing. Their rights to speak and advocate are not in question. The University as an institution should have been more careful. There is reason to believe, certainly reason for the public to feel, that the Trustees, especially Ms Pritzker, used their position to advance a political agenda. This is especially true when it comes to Barack and Michelle Obama and their unusual positions at the University.

This does not mean that the school is expected to operate in a bubble, to become an Ivory Tower. There is a long tradition of the school engaging in the life of the surrounding communities. The Levy brothers were the most practical of men. The never endorsed a politician in their official capacity. The use of the school's name to advocate for dubious and untested theories, such as Global Warming, is also a departure from the standards of the past. Again this is not a criticism of the role of the school in encouraging individual research, only of prejudging the results and advocating political consequences using the school's institutional authority.

The value of the diploma and of the alumni relationship to the graduates is proportional to the perceived objectivity of it as an institution. Once that respectability is lost it is very hard to retrieve. You can serve me and other alumni better by stressing to the senior officers of the University that they must restore the aura of independence from the corrupt politics of Chicago that the University once had.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Comment on Byron York, Washington Examiner:
Wisconsin ethics board: Dems can use campaign funds to pay for life on lam

Wisconsin ethics board: Dems can use campaign funds to pay for life on lam | Byron York | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

Good article,
This decision is as jug-headed as Teapot Dome, where as Robert Heinlein pointed out, Oilman Doheny was found innocent of giving the bribe that Secretary Fall was convicted of receiving. Can the Wisconsin Legislature pass a law that no salaries or other public monies may be spent by or delivered to any member of the Legislature or their staff if said legislator is absent from the state while the legislature is in session, unless prior authorization is obtained from the Ethics Committee? Some provision should be made for a legislator having to depart in an emergency and get impounded funds released after the fact but departing without prior clearance should be grounds to stop the money and begin removal procedures on the grounds of abandonment.

Coment on The Gateway Pundit:
Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman Speaks Out After Capitol Mobbing (Video)

Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman Speaks Out After Capitol Mobbing (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

If he had called the crowd out as a bunch of thugs it would have given the media ammunition to use against him. What I wish is that Jim Hoft had asked about the conduct of the Capitol Police. This is very serious. If the sworn police force are not acting to protect the Republican members of the Legislature then this really is an Insurrection and the Governor needs to call out the Guard.

If there was a demonstration in DC and any Congressman or Senator, no matter how unpopular, was caught in a crowd they would be taken into the nearest safe place. The US Secret Service protect the President without regard to politics. Turning Mr Grothman away from the "Press Entrance" was worse than unprofessional.