Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rewards Tuesday

Times are so bad that I went out and got work. We shall see how this turns out but as of now I shall write of other things.

Like any Hunter after the kill I wanted to reward myself with a feast, so I repaired to 32nd Street for Korean food. You start out with miso soup and a plethora of kimchee. The mushrooms were something new and a good idea.

Then comes the bulgogi beef bento box. The iceberg lettuce with french dressing always seems bizzare but the cool sweetness does balance the spicy meat and side dishes.

Altogether it is plenty of good food for for ten bucks plus tax and tip.

From there I went up to the Met to admire great works of man and nature.

But really I do not think that I am old enough to make a fool of myself over a girl that young, at least not until some country makes me Prime Minister.

Finally I stopped by Hebrew Union College down at Broadway and 4th Street to see presentation by Netally Schlosser, a charming Israeli artist on work she is doing with the immigrant community, often illegal, in her country. While I am clearly for secure borders and the rule of law it does strike me that there are benefits to treating people humanely until they are removed. Also the art struck me as a good thing in itself. There is no doubt however that Evelyn Waugh in his day would have made a scathingly witty description of it.

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