Monday, January 25, 2010

Nixon Was Right

Now that the Supremes have slapped down campaign finance restrictions by resorting to the almost unheard of technique of reading the Constitution they can move on to other subjects dear to the heart of the Left. Obama has gone over the top in attempting to set up a Federal grade school curriculum and fund local schools that submit to his authority directly from Washington. Apparently this is a deliberate effort to circumvent the authority of the State of Texas. Fortunately he made a ridiculous hash of the event by setting up his teleprompters in an elementary school classroom.

As the Carnivorous Conservative asks, "Is This Obama's Pet Goat Moment?"

All of this is completely unconstitutional. Fifty years ago Richard Nixon in a debate with John Kennedy said that while the Federal government could help in school construction it should never pay teachers salaries lest it then decide what those teachers should teach. He was ridiculed for his 5 o'clock shadow and lost the election. Listen to the Kennedy Nixon debate. Even better listen to the whole debate. At 8:00 on of this clip he discusses education.

Nixon was right then and Obama is wrong now. The entire system of federal expenditures on primary education should be thrown out as a violation of the 10th Amendment.

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