Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comment on PJM, Dan Riehl:
"Filmaker Who Outed ACORN in Prostitution Sting Arrested"

If they requested access before witnesses to the Telecoms Closet, which is the Junction Box, then they are in serious trouble. If they can mount a defense based on getting out a story of Landrieu's corruption and ties to Acorn, which was run along with the SEIU and umpteen front organizations from one house in New Orleans, then the story might get interesting. The MSM will try to yawn about anything that focuses on Landrieu, since when corruption in Louisiana news? Efforts to get her phone records through Discovery will probably be suppressed. If the prosecutors can argue that anyone had prior knowledge of this or paid them in advance to get the Senator then they will try to go up the chain. If I was Breitbart I would lawyer up.

The best hope that O'Keefe has is if he was suckered into this by an agent provocateur. If that can be proved, and the prosecutor will try to hide it, then the case may be thrown out. The second best hope that he has is that the election of Bobby Jindal in LA, like the election of Scott Brown in MA, has punctured the Democratic Party oligarchy's air of invincibility. The Landrieus have probably built up many enemies over the years, there are people whose families died because of their incompetence and arrogance after Katrina. This may be an opportunity for stories to come out. To stop that the DoJ may want to make the story go away but that is a very thin reed to lean on.

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