Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Doctors Frank and Stein"

People make lemonade. At least potentially we are empowered by distributed techology. Perhps one day there will be an epidemic, perhaps caused by the nondescript man with his briefcase from allah. While the CDC and the FBI and the great university labs do there best, which is very good, they will also see energy and most inportant time sapped by turf battles and red tape and the need to prepare hourly reports to six other agencies and Congress. In the meantime, possibly if we are lucky and the wind is in the right direction and the creek don't rise, an Army of David's may be coming up with an answer through a distributed network of trial and error and small efforts.

Will mistakes be made and is there a risk of increased contamination? Sure there is and it may not be worth it but then again it may be nd the usual rule is that the cat doesn't go back in the bag. Once the people know how to do simple chemical engineering they will keep that knowledge and knowledge is power.

If the government does not have a monopoly on the cure then they do not have a monopoly on the technology. That also means that they do not have a monoply on retaliation. The United States never was an appendage to a government that could be conquered by seizing the Center. In the future that may become even more obvious. This has the potential to do for the freedom of the people before international threats what the 2nd Amendment does for the liberty of the people before domestic threats. It flashes a large do not tread on me sign before the world.

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