Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"No, leave it on"

People like Olbermann were always around and they were always vile. What was the restraint on their conduct then? Legal liability and commercial interest. 30 or 40 years ago or more if an employee of the General Electric Company had used such words then the CEO would have been besieged at his desk by both the Chief Counsel and the VP for Marketing. Olbermann would have been out the door within the hour. Did they believe in the First Amendment and John Peter Zenger? Sure they did and they would contribute to a symposium at Columbia on the subject.

On the last thread people were discussing how clueless it was for Obama to insult people who drive trucks. Brown channeled FDR who ridiculed his critics by speaking up for his dog Fala. Brown ate Obama's lunch.

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