Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Price of Affirmative Action

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My assumption is that if Alito said anything that could be used against him, as opposed to an innocuous "Not so," then Ginsberg would have leaked it to the Press.

Papa Ray,
(who said "liberal education" makes people vote for a black candidate)
The real cost is always the opportunity cost. By pushing for Obama on the basis of race over fitness the Left have made it that much harder for other minority candidates to be judged fairly in the future.

The aim of revolutionaries is always to isolate and exploit minority groups and then to further isolate individuals so that they become naked before the power of the State. The first isolation is that of minority groups (or in the case of women a majority that identifies as a minority) from the greater community and the integrationist culture mediated by civil society independent of the State and the second isolation is that of individuals from all other attachments or means of support.

The Left likes affirmative action because it is racist, and generates racial discrimination against future qualified minorities. It increases the dependence of all members of sub-groups on the benevelonce of the State.

We are all the poorer for the future loss of the talents of qualified minority candidates that the Obama record will result in.

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