Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Give Haiti Back

(fm the BC thread "Double Down")

(who hoped that Brown drove a Ford)
Scott Brown drives a GMC truck with 200,000 miles on it He bought it long before Obama showed up.

Haiti should be placed under the authority of the UN Trusteeship Council and assigned to a Condominium of France, Brazil and India. No B, J, H, F or R nonimmigrant visas should be issued to admit Haitians into the US. No immigrant visas should be issued to Haitian citizens for 10 years. Those needing emergency medical care may be paroled in for a limited time. Many people are unaware of the nonvisa status of parolee that CBP can use. While some may object that my proposal would violate the Monroe Doctrine in this case we should welcome the presence of the French. May they embrace Haiti and find it at least as useful in demonstrating their superior ways to the Anglo-saxons, and as ready a source of immigrant labor, as Algeria proved to be.

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