Friday, January 29, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:

Community Board No. 1 suggested shifting the trial to Governors Island in NY Harbor. The NYPD put the kibosh on that idea. Personally I would love to see a military installation resurrected there and several hundreds of millions of federal dollars spent renovating the island. Eventually I'd like to see the UN moved there.

The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts put the fear of God into politicians like nothing that I have seen in years. Chuck Schumer is in a panic to be seen speaking up against the trial in NYC. Obama has no cover on this subject. Eric Holder may have been born in Brooklyn but he has proven to be incredibly tone deaf leading his boss into this trap.

The problem may arise from the fact that for so many years race hustlers like Holder and Obama following in footsteps of Jesse Jackson had such an easy time shaking down white elites that they grew contemptuous of their victims. Holder called white people "cowards" and he meant it.

Holder and Obama's problem is that they did not see that the earlier generation would bluster and extort from people like the Daleys but they never seriously threatened the larger community. In Chicago after the assassination of Martin Luther King, the one time that a rioting crowd threatened to march a distance of only 1/2 to 3/4 mile from the since largely demolished project of Cabrini Green to the North lake Shore Drive Gold Coast, the then Hizzoner Mayor Daley issued the police order "Shoot to kill." The rioters never crossed the few blocks.

Wearily I must once again refute the shibboleth that the status of "Natural Born Citizen" requires two American citizen parents. It does not. It is based on lex solis and that standard is met by birth on US soil. Birth of a child conceived by two US citizen parents establishes citizenship under lex sanguinus. If that birth occurs outside of US soil then the child is deemed as "naturalized at birth." The problem with Obama is that while he almost certainly was a Natural Born Citizen at birth there is some evidence that he may have renounced that status after his 18th birthday by claiming allegiance to a foreign country. That may have been done by claiming overseas student status when applying for financial aid or it may have been done by traveling on a foreign passport. The treason case in the United Kingdom of William Joyce (Lord haw Haw) hinged on a similar issue. Doing so can establish a duty of loyalty to the nation that issued the passport and in the American case that divided loyalty may preclude the status of being naturally born. It would probably not preclude his status as a US citizen or make him ineligible for his prior position as a United States Senator.

You often have interesting and even perceptive contributions but you ruin your credibility by repeatedly making extreme and unproven assertions, that are frequently given as predictions that prove unfounded. For example you were equally as forceful as you ar now in predicting how people in the Carolinas would vote in 2008. You have no idea how the senior military will act in such an eventuality as an attempt to subvert the Constitution and while you may speculate about their motives or how they have been selected you do your own position no favor with these inflammatory charges.

My argument here is not with whiskey's theory or his right to promote it. My issue is that he does not offer an argument, that is a logical series of steps based on evidence that lead you to indicate your belief in a possible future event but rather he issues declarative statements of what will happen with defiant assertions that no other position is possible. That precludes reasoned debate. Your approach to the subject is one that I have no objection to. I may not agree with the conclusions that you and whiskey appear to share but the manner in which you defend that position does not preclude this forum's functioning.

Rush is now confirming that Chuck Schumer put the nail in the NY KSM trial and it is expected to move to DC. That will be a circus but at least the animals will be in their own stable.

subotai bahadur,
IIRC back in 1973 there were reports that the JCS were concerned that the Air Force may not act responsibly and Army units were given discreet orders to move on Andrews AF Base in the event of a crisis.

Jan 29, 2010 - 10:33 am

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