Sunday, January 03, 2010

Comment on PJM: Andrew Ian Dodge
"Tea Party 2010: Revolution Brewing?
  Or Is That Some Weak Tea?"

The Democrats achieved their margins in Senate and particularly the House by running candidates to the right of the Republicans. That worked as a short time tactic but the problems are now obvious. The anger of constituents who feel cheated when the Democrat moved left after the election is a serious force.

In NY's 23rd district the complacency of the old Republican establishment was only part of the story. The psuedo-Republican was used to siphon off the absentee/military votes before they endorsed the Democrat. The Democrat barely slid by by campaigning against the Health Care bill. Immediately after the election, while it was still being contested with recounts in progress, the Democrat went to DC and switched position to give Pelosi her victory. People remember things like that, if a grass roots effort can push past the media snow job sure to follow. The NY Republican Party has already had a revolution in leadership under Ed Cox. Unfortunately they have a very shallow bench to draw on and with Rudy Giuliani taking a pass on both the Senate and the Governor's races in 2010 they may miss their best opportunity to change the momentum in decades.

It would prove a diversion into a desert that would please the left wing running the Democratic Party if the Tea Party spent itself on organizing a minor party movement. They would not become the New New Republicans but instead the New New Libertarians. They would be indulged because they would be harmless and reduced to alternative forums with the Marijuana Party, the Greens, the Socialist Workers, and the Rent To Damn High Party.

They would do better if they stay focused on organizing to take control of local Republican organizations while being open to endorsing candidates of any party. If the Democrats run another Griffith to the right of the Republican then endorse that candidate and welcome their subsequent switch in party affiliation. The outraged screams as the Left is forced to abandon the false flag tactic will again help build momentum. If the Democrat in the 23rd had been a Tea Party movement affiliate, or had been reached out to, then maybe the Health Care bill vote could have been flipped and the trap closed on Pelosi. If that failed then the deceit of the Democrat would be all the more apparent which can be used, if there is a competent political organization at hand to exploit it.

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