Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sizing the Tent

(fm the BC thread "Droning on")

Muslims have no problem with Jews or Christians, they are, after all, People of the Book

That simply isn't true. You are repeating their fantasy smokescreen that is used to minimize the threat and encourage unnecessary internal divisions in Dahr al Harb. You are sounding like Medaura of LGF. Your desire to defend the achievements of modern secular civilization are understandable. The science and the tolerance are not just means to greater prosperity but treasures in themselves that have been won at great cost. Please do not define the circle of the culture you admire so narrowly as to exclude those who do not threaten those treasures. While we must defend tolerance by being intolerant of the intolerant we must draw the line so as to exclude those who are either merely disagreeable or over issues, especially abortion, which are vitally important but which should be addressed by the web of political communities in a free society.

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