Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Retirement Plans

(fm the BC thread "Exo-atmospheric")

They want to pay for their games with the IRAs and 401ks? No problem, just pass a hierarchical table for them to follow in allocating collections. No category to be touched under the preceding is 60% exhausted.
1. Current Federal civilian TSP accounts
2. Retired Federal civilian TSP accounts
3. Current Federal civilian IRA and retirement accounts
4. Retired Federal civilian IRA and retirement accounts
5. Retired military TSP accounts (my change in sequence, guess why)
6. Current civilian private sector IRA and retirement accounts
7. Retired military IRA and retirement accounts
8. Active duty military TSP, IRA and retirement accounts.

How long would it take them to come up with a Plan B, like cutting spending?

My assumption is that the Stability Protection Force is designed as part of a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) in the event of a 9-11 type attack that does disrupt government functions or a WMD attack on an urban area. With CBP, ICE, USCG and others there are around 100,000 federal LEOs. Unlike some here I am less concerned about the capability in the SPF plan than in the nature of the people in charge of it.

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