Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Advice to an Argumentative Commentator

Morning Vid: Blogger Refuses to Disclose Salary, Gets Frisked | The Atlantic Wire

If you go around telling Law Enforcement Officers what you think their jobs are and what you think they are allowed to ask about or look at you will have a very exciting but unhappy and unproductive life. Expletives and assertions rarely make an encounter with CBP or IRS or for that matter your local Officer Plod go better. If you honestly want to learn more about this then I suggest that you first read everything on the CBP web site and then call up your local Port and ask to speak to the Public Affairs Officer. Tell them politely that you have been following news reports and want to know more about this for the safety of yourself and your family. There is no reason not to be honest about your being troubled about privacy issues, just be polite. Maybe they will be doing a public outreach some time where they can respond to your questions or they can otherwise help you. Until then I might consider traveling with a lawyer and answering or not under their advice. Remember it is possible to ask the intent behind a question and to express discomfort and request to speak to a Supervisor, without refusing to answer. Once you refuse to answer things move to another category.

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