Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Everyone is Right

(fm the BC thread "Exo-atmospheric")

Teresita is right that China faces real economic, social and strategic constraints in the near (2 to 10 year) term. Habu is right about their capabilities, intentions and potential to challenge us. The present problems afflicting the US politically and economically and culturally often have "Made in China" on a hidden label. AGW and the attendent corruptions are linked to the Beijing resident and tool Maurice Strong. The corruption of our politics going back at least to Clinton was openly linked to the PLA. On a related topic the Obama administration is letting Riady back into the country. So if both are correct what does it mean? The answer is that if China is facing increased turbulence then the risk of conflict increases.

The arguments regarding Strike North and Strike South that China will consider mirror those faced by the Japanese 70 years ago.

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