Monday, January 25, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Tinkering at the edges"

Scott Brown threw a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch, or at least her husband, and now she is melting. Maybe somebody will throw a bucket at Chavez.

There was a medieval allegory I once read about a scholar who wrote advocating justification by works and disparaging faith, maybe it was the other way around. He worked assiduously and alone. One day he died but he did not notice it and continued to write just as he did before. Slowly his house crumbled and everything around him vanished and was replaced by a desert but he did not notice as he continued to write on the same theme. Eventually demons came and took him away.

Obama is like that lost soul. He has destroyed himself and does not know it. He will continue going through the motions until someone turns off the lights and leads him away. Perhaps a message will be fed onto his teleprompter, "It's over." Many of the Democrats seem disconnected from reality. They cannot tell the difference between the real world and the Model UN they once attended. Maybe back then the sex was better but now the food is.

None of this is Obama’s fault. He didn’t create the credit bubble.

Maybe not but he was present at the creation. One of the few things in his life that resembled the world of work was when he was listed as "of counsel" on behalf of Acorn when they sued Citicorp to force the issuance of subprime mortgages under the CRA.

Peter Boston,
Thank you for the City Journal link. That is why I advocate disqualifying most people who receive the majority of their income from either the State or Federal levels of government from voting at that level.

Nice description of the effects of the proposed student loan/delayed grant program. There will be a couple of other results that come to mind;
1. It is another disincentive to joining the military. Why bother when you get more money and faster promotions for just becoming a government civilian clerk? If you just wait the debt vanishes anyway.

2. Campuses will be littered with permanent students in their 40s or 50s. Young women will be pursued by them and young men will become very unhappy. We can ask whiskey to delve deeper into this topic. This will be another step on the path of europeanizing America.

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