Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comment on PJM, Bob Owens:
"ABC Raids Message Boards
to ‘Break’ a Decades-Old Story"

Wait until ABC News discovers that every US Navy Officers Sword displays the Jewish Star of David. Imagine the Islamists trying to wrap their heads around that.

It would be nice if these self appointed guardians of the First Amendment actually read the document. We do not have a federally established religion in this country. At least we did not before the acolytes of Gore and Global Warming gained power. There was no doubt when the Constitution was written and for 200 years following what an establishment of religion means. The Church of England is Established as is the Presbyterian Church in Scotland. They are supported by taxpayers and have a formal voice in government. Bishops of the CofE sit in the House of Lords. Two hundred years ago some of the states that ratified the Bill of Rights had established churches at their level. Maryland for example was founded by and for the Catholics by Lord Baltimore. The entire point of the Establishment Clause is to protect minority rights to freedom of conscious and worship without imposition by the Federal government.

It may be possible to make a policy argument against fielding equipment with scriptural references on it and it may be possible to argue that the self confidence that displays will engender more respect and be effective. That debate has nothing to do with the Constitution. One argument raised against the Crusader artillery system was that the enemy we fight find the name inflammatory and intimidating. Maybe we should do something really frightening and attack our enemies with weapons named after Barney that kill while singing.

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