Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For Protectorates

(fm the BC thread "Intensity")

declare the place a protectorate and abolish it’s legal system and government

You have a good argument. There are places that lack the essential attributes of sovereignty and pretending that they are nation-states and our peers is an expensive farce that demeans the law and imperils all who rely on it. Places like Haiti and Somalia are not countries with the same legal capacity as Australia, the Netherlands, India or Uruguay. We should have placed Iraq and Afghanistan in an acknowledged path of tutelage and cultural transformation before restoring their status as international actors. We should be explicit about this. Fail to establish the rule of law and permit your population to be self supporting to the extent that you become a threat to the health safety and stability of the outside world then you will be placed in a Trusteeship. If you host or enable terrorist attacks on people outside of your borders or threaten vital strategic interests, and yes that means oil, then we will come into your country and to the extent that you are a strategic threat then you can become a strategic target. If you do not want to face those risks then do not provoke a crisis. We are remarkably peaceful if left alone.

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