Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Coakley concedes"

The Democrats believe in Situational Ethics, that is in a flexible sense of moral accounting. Oh Heck, they cheat and they found themselves in a position where the clock ran out and the light was bright enough that they could not pull it off.
Who said anything about repeatin'? Where do ya think this is? Hicks' Corners? Some people is too lazy to vote, that's all. They don't like this kind o' weather. Some of 'em is sick in bed and can't vote. Maybe a couple of 'em croaked recently. That ain't no reason why Mayor Tillinghast should be cheated out of their support. All we're doin' is gettin' out the vote!
The Great McGinty

The greatest danger the Republicans face now is arrogance. If they act fat or lazy in this jungle they will discover that they are not lions but lambs.
A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.

wretchard has mentioned as one of his running sub-themes how essentially retrograde Obama is. The whole Chicago thuggery/Tammany Hall tribal spoils system with a New Age coating of Green pretensions to cover for more financial jiggery pokery was more peeling than appealing and reeked like a fish 40 years past its "sell by" date. Between the collapse of Copenhagen and the repudiation of the looting of the Treasury the time is right for a counterattack. Fat Al Gore is a made to order target and once he goes down then the chain of financial links that have fed the Democrats will hopefully unravel like a cheap suit.

(who think that a Romney/Brown ticket has 12th Amendment issues)
Romney can relocate to anywhere. Michigan is logical but he could even move and then claim NY if he wanted to stir the pot. The Democrats could sputter about it but the response would be laughter.

The biggest danger for the Republicans now is arrogance, greed and complacency.
memento mori

People keep saying that Obama is intelligent but I never hear why they think so. It all boils down to hearsay from some guy who knows someone who had lunch with him once.

(on Cambridge)
Good god, what is life like in such a place?
Soft, very soft and sheltered.

Kae Arby,
Obama is the new Woody Wilson. If he can't be palmed of on the UN and he doesn't implode and go catatonic, will he read thumbsuckers that he is a tragic hero and start chewing the scenery? What do our learned friends think?

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall
Sol would say things like that before swiping your onions and beets at Grosinger's.

Your description of Health Savings accounts and School Vouchers/Charters as two weapons trained on core Democratic power centers is a brilliant piece of political analysis. What is needed is a third missile targeted on the Tort Lawyers.

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