Monday, January 04, 2010

Comment on Theo Spark:
"Star of David Kafiyah"

(who said wearing a Star of David scarf could be)
"an invitation to kill the wearer"

You can say that about anything. They will always produce some special message that Mo got when he went back to the cave that says that while it is prohibited for everyone else it is ok for him, and those who want to be just like him to;
1. cut down date trees during a war
2. have sex with little girls
3. break oaths
4. kill prisoners
5. etc etc.

Rummage around in the bottom of the box and right under the one that says "OK to kill on days that end in a Y" will be "OK to kill pretty girls wearing scarves with blue stars, but if any infidel does it it is proof that they are cursed."

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