Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Kaczynski Future

(fm the BC thread "Doctors Frank and Stein")

Worst case scenario, if something does get out of a home biotech lab like hemorrhagic fever with legs or a new smallpox then it might kill 20-30% of the population in the post industrialized 1st World and it would probably kill at least twice as large a percentage of the population in the 3rd World. That would essentially wipe out the Ummah and depopulate all but the wealthiest enclaves, who could afford extraordinary defenses and medical care, in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The aid from the wealthier nations that poor nations depend upon to survive would stop. There would be no rescue for a devastated Haiti in such a future. Iceland could inherit the world. If al-Qeada produces this it is the ultimate suicide bomb. My worry is that some apocalyptic nut case like a racist version of the Unibomber will decide that he likes those odds.

In such an event anyone who calls for destroying capital and spreading poverty because of a fear of Global Warming would quickly have a mob introduce them to room temperature.

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