Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comment on Althouse:
"I want to acknowledge our first lady,
Michelle Obama... She gets embarrassed."

Cfud is still a raging anti-Semite.

My hope is that there is some reward for the Secret Service people who have to deal with Michelle Obama. I have not met her but I have met Hillary Clinton, who is frightening. Secret Service people have told me that in her day Rosalyn Carter was so bad that they would send someone needing an attitude adjustment down to Plains to wash her car for two weeks. They always came back a happy camper.

There is a pattern of these angry controlling women who shove damaged men forward. It seems more prevalent on the Left. Perhaps to their sense of moral superiority and entitlement to rule is added a projection onto society of their own marginal ability to perform and succeed on their own merits and resentment at the men they are piggy-backing onto.

Rosalyn was a small town nobody who dreamed of being a naval officer's wife. She resented the reality that sent her back to Jimmy's peanut warehouse in Georgia.

Hillary was a bag lady for her husband's payoffs when she was at the criminal enterprise Rose law firm and has proven to be a train wreck level running disaster as Secretary of State. In fairness Obama set her up for that role and she should have known it going in.

Michelle had an unsuccessful four year career as a lawyer and then apparently gave up her license to take a series of publicly funded jobs in advocacy. The jobs that she and her husband received at the University of Chicago were arranged at the behest of Trustees, probably Penny Pritzker, and not through normal hiring processes.

(fm the BC thread "Obama at the Republican retreat")

Commented at Althouse on the thread aaron linked to above.

Why are the wives of Democratic politicians more prone to becoming nightmares than are the spouses of Republicans? It isn't an absolute, there is good and bad in both demeanor and taste on both sides. This has become a pattern since the 1970s. Lady Bird Johnson and Jackie Kennedy did not display these insecurities. However with Rosalyn, Hillary and Michelle we have a trifecta of angry control freaks. Their archetype may be Eleanor Roosevelt but I suspect that she had more substance and less resentment.

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