Saturday, January 30, 2010

AP: China suspends military exchanges with US

This is the serious news of the day. While the Obama administration persists in viewing the world through a fantasy prism of 1970s to 90s prejudices in real life events are happening. Almost forty years ago Nixon and Kissinger worked out a modus vivendi with Communist China. That agreement included the recognition that we would continue to sell weapons to Taiwan sufficient to preclude an attack from the mainland while American capital supported the industrial development and technological transformation of China. During that time the Democratic Party has been deeply corrupted by ties to the CCP. These ties have been shown by;
1. massive illegal transfers of defense technology to China,
2. the funneling of large sums of money into American elections
      by agents of China,
3. support for programs that weaken Western power sponsored
      by agents of China.
Two examples of the last point are Maurice Strong's Green program and the UN raporteur system used with acquiescence to China's abuse of the veto to paralyze Western responses to proxies such as the Iranians.

Now the Chinese are changing the rules and pushing to preclude any American position in the Western Pacific. They are empowered to do this by the massive draw-down in American power that the Democrats have advocated for decades and that has accelerated with the recent economic trauma that Democratic operatives engineered with overseas financial support.

We have returned to the strategic world of the 1930s with China in the role once held by Japan and the Americans more vulnerable than we were 75 years ago. The Chinese position is very unstable both economically and socially. Their drive to dominate could spin out of control or be accelerated in a desperate effort to prevent implosion. The nations of ASEAN, India, Australia, Japan, and South Korea face some very hard choices.

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