Friday, January 15, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"A real horse race"

Nice horses. Why are all threads on the blog now kept open?

There are tipping points. Many, possibly most voters, engage in "Bandwagoning." They want to vote for the winner. The secret nature of their ballot and the issues at stake in the election mean little to them. There is not even any expectation of a return from having sold a vote that may be collected in the future. The appeal is more primitive, some inarticulate hope that the winning power may feel a sense of feudal responsibility for the electorate that offered homage.

My assumption is that the Democrats start with a 5% thumb on the scale.

There is a theoretical difference between a supporter of Romneycare and one of Obamacare. The distinction is Federalism. The system used within the borders of Massachusetts may be a mistake but a Republican can defend the right of the citizens of a State to make such a mistake while refuting any effort to impose it on the entire nation. States are supposed to be the laboratories of democracy with the freedom to try policies as they see fit. Only the anal retentive insist on a uniformity of law and administration.

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