Friday, January 29, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Obama at the GOP retreaO"

The mere fact that Obama traveled to Canossa can be seen as a sign of his diminished stature. On the other hand Mohammad did have to go to the mountain. The fact that he remained defiant and decried the politics of looking for someone to blame, in the same paragraphs in which he repeatedly laid the blame on Bush, may bind his base more closely to him.

Cheney and some others have done good work in responding to the lies directed at the last administration. Fred Thompson has been brilliant in issuing a stream of tweets that demolish Obama's pretensions. Their efforts while laudatory will never reach through the media wall and influence the general public. GoP legislatures challenging Obama can build momentum and keep the possibility that there is an alternative alive. They do not have the stature to successfully confront Obama as long as he is backed by the MSM, baring a public meltdown on his part.

There is only one person capable of decisively refuting the Democrats efforts to control the narrative and seal the judgment of History. That person is George Bush. He will only get one chance to do so. Therefor he must not be baited into speaking prematurely. When he does he must do so with full preparation in a setting that establishes his authority and with such thoroughness as to leave no opportunity for slander or dismissal by the minions of the DNC. When the old F-104 pilot makes this last combat run he will have to deliver all of his ordnance on target in one pass. That will be his time for the fighter jock to show John McCain the attack jock how it should be done.

Excellent point. McCain comparing Obama to "The President is not a crook" Nixon not only diminishes BHO but also reminds everyone that McCain, as the reformer, can be seen as the heir to the true Conservative Goldwater. He is comparing himself to the man who told Richard Nixon when it was time to resign. It also buttresses his choice of Sarah Palin, who established herself by locking up dishonest old fashioned politicians from her own party. By comparison Obama's decrying partisanship while practicing it looks simply shoddy. While many Republicans find McCain frustrating he is the only man who can credibly challenge Obama in this way.

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