Friday, January 22, 2010

Comment on PJM, Zombie:
"Gay voter remorse as
McCains step up where Obama fails"

The base of the Democratic Party now consists of a fractious alliance of Blacks, Hispanics and Moslems. Historic sources of leadership including Jews and Homosexuals are used as money machines and vote farms but there is decreasing evidence that this results in any attention to issues that concern them. White ethnics, especially Catholics, are now ignored except insofar as they are in mobilized unions such as the UAW or government employees. They are being rapidly replaced in those ranks by more favored groups.

The attitude of most Republicans towards homosexuals is benign neglect. That is not hostility it means a respect for privacy so deep that the Republican wants it to be mutual. At worst it means that they don't really give a damn, and don't demand more of strangers. That is a workable basis for a modus vivendi.

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