Sunday, January 17, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:

Time only moves in one direction. Enormous damage has been done. Real assets, military, political, financial and moral, have been consumed. In the Ukraine the Putin ally, their would be Zelaya, leads after the first round of voting and the would be ally of Nato has been repudiated.

If there is a firestorm then it is consuming the natural acquiescence of the people to their elites. This has been a bad time for Harvard. Spitzer, Obama, and Conan O'Brien all traded on the reputation of the school to convince the rubes that their judgments deserved special approval. Nature abhors a vacuum and elites serve a function. Who will replace them? When the wise-asses entertain themselves by debunking the myths of John Harvard or undermining the legal and social system that his followers constructed in service to the Commonwealth, then they consume what others produced and spend capital that they have not earned.

(who makes a general case against strategic bombing)
Random violence against civilians is counterproductive in most cases but that does not mean that under the right circumstances massive and disproportionate violence may not have a desired political effect.

Three elections in near time show the ebb and flow of something in an age where political currents are spun around the world via Facebook™ and 140 character tweets. What that something is will be a proof left to the reader. In Chile the right wins an election for the fist time since 1958 amid mutual pledges of reconciliation and good fellowship. In the Ukraine the Russian bear looms ever larger as all of Europe edges towards accommodation and both sides seem to repudiate Nato. In Massachusetts a sclerotic and complacent left wing oligarchy will either collapse or seek to survive through brazen fraud and confrontation to stop a moderate Republican whose campaign has focused not on socially divisive issues but on simple respect for the rule of law and for the electorate.

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