Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The No-Fire Zone"

These same Sunni governments have already written the editorials and sermons condemning the Israelis in the event that they do what they are being begged to do.

Are the American weapons there to protect the Arabs and Israelis from the Iranians or to protect the Iranians from the Israelis?

Washington is also helping Saudi Arabia develop a force to protect its oil installations.

Why are they "its" oil installations? The Sunni Saudi regime conquered the native Shia Eastern Province. They have no more legitimacy there then Saddam had over the oil fields of Southern Iraq. The Iranians have no natural right to the oil fields of South-west Iranian Arabistan. The Left screamed in 2003 "No war for oil." If only it was. We should have seized the oil fields and run things right at $25/bbl.

The player not mentioned to watch in all this is Turkey. The current regime in Ankara has flirted with Iran, Syria and Russia against Israel and the Americans. The Turkish Army may be getting them to walk back from that.

Yesterday 85 year old GHW Bush '41 visited the White with son Jeb, the former Florida Governor, and spent maybe 35 minutes there. Was it just a perfunctory courtesy call or was a message delivered?

what is "occupation",
The Kurds have been treated shabbily for decades and they often stand out against their unlovely neighbors.
The problems are;
1. infighting and terrorist elements although that is sometimes
     outside provoked.
2. they are not a majority in almost all parts of Kurdistan but
     one large minority among many.

(who noted Obama's ignoring Israel's contributions to Haitian relief)
Axelrod, Emanuel and the Jewish team from Goldman-Sachs will have much to answer for if things go as badly as some of us fear.

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