Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The medium is the massage"

... they are poring over the polls to see what items have support and which items do not. They will change their message to suit.

No wonder Obama likes Chavez. He is like the Latin American Dictator who wants to know where the crowd is going, so that he can get there first and lead it.

... he found out that as many as 50% of American schoolchildren test below normal

You get the prize for quote of the day.

Kubler-Ross is very linear and defeatist. It assumes that an episode is part of a terminal process and if followed as a predictor will always result in less contact and resignation. That may not always be the best idea. Sometimes it is a good idea to fight, deny, seek or receive unbidden support and attempt to explore alternatives. That is how progress happens. Support is not only of aid to a person who may recover but it also is a social good in its own right. We become more human when we show that we care and that knowledge will stay with the living. KR is 100% accurate at describing what happened before an event but only after termination has occurred.

Peter Grinch,
The payoff in Health Care for the Democrats wasn't in the shifting number of millions who would get "free" care but in the hundreds of thousands of health care workers who would be signed up by the SEIU. Similarly the payoff for stealing the auto companies wasn't in cheap cars for the masses but jobs for the UAW.

The medium is the massage
We may have to start calling BHO "Soapy." He rubs me the wrong way.

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