Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Selecting a Caesar

(fm the BC thread "A Cycle of Cathay)

Petraeus could end up being more of a Sulla than an Eisenhower

Perhaps neither an Eisenhower nor a Sulla but more like the would be American Caesar, MacArthur. We probably did better with Eisenhower but MacArthur's actual record in managing West Point as Commandant and Japan as Viceroy was both innovative and moderate. Some would even consider him a progressive.

My biggest concern about Petreaus is that after Obama I am reluctant to sign onto another great unknown. Whoever gets put up by either party needs to be thoroughly examined first. There should be no more secret friends, hidden documents or unknown opinions.

That is why I like the Founder's original concept for the Electoral College. Established leaders from the States should be identified and then should select the right person for the job. It is intended to ensure that they will be insulated from temporary passions and will base their judgements on real knowledge of the candidates, and a devotion to the long term interests of their communities. The EC should not be abolished but should be placed on a firmer basis with members serving four year terms to fill any vacancies and at least the top three from each state being the Governor, Speaker (or equivalent) and Chief Justice, serving ex officio.

You consistently talk about coups and insurrection like you were in a hurry to get there. A bad thing may happen but it does not need cheerleading. Also you overestimate the power of both Chicago and the hard Left. Corzine lost, they are in real trouble, the bankers did not sign on for a suicide pact.

It would take an Amendment to fix the problem of the Electors now being meaningless temporary hacks on the order of the functionary who signs the dollar bill as "Treasurer of the United States." My earlier thoughts on this were mentioned on March 03rd and July 25th. They are on my blog here and here .

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