Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comments on the Belmont Club
"Half full? Or wholly empty?"

Marx is proven to be wrong again. Karl that is, Groucho has a better track record. History is coming around twice only now it comes first as a farce and the second time as a tragedy.

... will the crowd on the wrong end of the truncheon chant “free hookers”?

I found the video but Cecil while sincere seems to have the problem backwards.

bogie wheel,
(who asks if the voters thought they were voting for Morgan Freeman)
My theory is that they thought that they were voting for Tiger Woods.

Six active threads. This is where Scotty calls up from Engineering, "Cap'n, She no can take much more of this. The positronic decouplers in the antimatter coils are going to blow."

Senator Nelson is the story. The rest was just distraction to keep eyes off the skullduggery and hack renting that Rahm & Co. were conducting while people were watching the Magician's hand in Copenhagen.

getting very very tired of handing over money to idle socialists

If only they were idle. Unfortunately paying them to stay home and conserve carbon doesn't work.

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