Saturday, December 26, 2009

Comment on the Belmont Club
"White powder"

Is this the same Nigerian banker's son who just wrote to tell me he has $50 million he's waiting rio split with me? If the US prosecutes him I want the government to send me my money. Where's a lawyer?

Once upon a time I took a multiple guess test on Combat Systems, if this is still classified shoot me, there were a series of questions on how to deal with threats to your ship from the another ship (surface), a submarine (subsurface) or an aircraft (aircraft, they have no imagination.) In each case the correct answer was, "With an aircraft at a distance." The same logic still applies, Get them there rather than here. Point Defense is the industrialized equivalent of prayer.

(who rashly described his distress)

On the last thread there were stories that the perp had no passport and was on a No Fly List. Here we are told that he had a valid visa. Possession of a visa does not mean admission, it just means an easier interview at the immigration and passport inspection station by CBP. However American Express will get you points. Just kidding, this is the laugh in the face of death thread, isn't it?

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