Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Comment on Townhall, John Stossel
ABC Fired Stossel?

Today's Wesley Mouch is Maurice Strong.

My biggest concern over your move is that Fox is dependent on Rupert Murdoch's links to China, and the fingerprints of the Chinese government and their agent Strong are all over the Global Warming fraud, and other manipulations of Western markets and politics. If you find yourself being pressured I hope you will be able to speak out.

ABC should suffer for being more of a monoculture. How can they and NBC and CBS hope to profit by slavishly devoting themselves to a shrinking market, populated by Left wing media executives and allies in academia and government? Basic good Journalism should have a future. The model will probably be people like Michael Yon, freelance reporters supported by their audience or as contract content providers to aggregator publishers.

The problems with Ayn Rand are twofold. First, she was a Russian ideologue in a century plagued by Russian ideologues. Just how that tone differs from one that is comfortable to ears raised in an Anglo-saxon culture is a problem. The informality, as opposed to a reliance on cartesian formality, of Anglo-American problem solving is both a strength and a weakness. The tone is different from that used by earnest Europeans including Russians. Second but related is that Ms Rand's fans are frequently more problematical than she was herself. Ayn Rand was human and from what I have read she was fun. To many of her followers come across as rigid or dull or use Libertarianism as a cover for other agendas, such as anti-Semitism. They do wrong by her memory.

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