Thursday, December 03, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"For their own good"

I was going to write some wise witty 500 word piece with a 3 part example and a youtube thrown in,
really I was
every time I come to the words "Danish Climate Minister"
I break down in laughter.

So instead of having the assorted kleptocrats and bottom feeders belly up to the Ford Foundation like honest grafters they now expect the US pResident to put his hand in our pocket for them. Give them points for brass, they really do expect us to borrow the money from China to loan to them so they can buy a gun to threaten us with.

I’d expect it to be called Mandatory Emissions Climate Control Agreement – MECCA?

Try the Comprehensive Omnibus Welfare For Less Organized Places Scheme - COWFLOPS.
I used to work for the Bureau of Acronyms and Abbreviations.

doing so would get him impeached and convicted and Dems electorally wiped out.

The rats will cling to the sinking ship this time since there is no place for them to swim to. Impeachment is a physical impossibility. The more egregious the separation from reality the greater their need to stick with each other. The only way they would turn on Obama is if there was a thunderous rejection of them in the mid-terms and a series of shocks of a legal and security nature that would have them scared. Only then would they go after Obama the way the underworld went after the murderer in Fritz Lang's "M".

Elitists lose their power over the rest of the community once their pretensions are not taken seriously

Here you touch on how PC has sapped the reflexes needed to defend civilization. The withdrawal of the normal ability to rely on ridicule for those whose conduct is seen as potentially disruptive to the stability of the community was an essential first step that enabled all the otherwise inexplicable projects and behaviors that have arisen unchecked in the last 50 years. This does have its roots in sexual politics but I think that whiskey comes close but misses the mark.

The real masters at the use and abuse of sarcasm, innuendo and ridicule to control a social situation are in the homosexual community. Under the guise of PC they have obtained a near monopoly on the use of those tools to destroy others while denying them to others who had previously used them to identify, shame, and discriminate against gays. The understandable pressure by those within that group to invert from a culture in which they "dare not speak its name" to one in which they can proclaim it from the rooftops but no one else can mention it, or any other personal trait or defect, real or imagined, has had repercussions far beyond the lives of members of a sexual minority. Less defensible but entirely human was their persisting in using the same weapons that they were restricting from general use. Unfortunately now that gays are protected from abuse all of the abusers of the social marketplace can come out and flourish without fear.

In a prior age cranks, charlatans and narcissistic deviants would appear, just consider the Theosophists as an example. The difference was that all persons who considered themselves respectable would treat them with open contempt and a man would not have hesitated to physically throw one out of his way if any had the temerity to block his path. New tools for indicating disapproval are needed and a new cultural understanding that tolerance does not mean approval.

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