Monday, December 21, 2009

Message to McCain

(submitted from his official contact form)

Dear Senator McCain,

Please consider gathering support for an amendment that would link Health Care and National Security/Veterans Affairs. This could be done by exempting all Veterans eligible for VA coverage from any mandatory insurance requirement. There are several benefits to such an effort.
1. It would draw in broad support from both sides of the aisle
2. It rewards military service and spares veterans a punitive tax
3. It would open up the debate for reforming the VA system
4. It opens the question of why benefit those who did not serve
5. It would clarify the unconstitutionality of mandating insurance.

Last year I worked as a volunteer on your campaign and served as a driver in New York. We met several times and your personal courtesy to me was exceptional. In my work, I was a Supervisor for TSA at Laguardia, I have met hundreds of politicians and worked closely with the Secret Service. So I have no illusions about them as people. Even where I disagree with you on a policy issue, as I often do, I find your decency exceptional.

Unfortunately at this time I am unemployed and without benefits. Despite my years at the University of Chicago, service as a Naval Officer and work experience I have no prospects and things are now looking very bad. There are undoubtedly thousands like me who are not being counted in the official unemployment statistics. Your continuing efforts to protect the fundamental freedoms that made America a beacon of liberty and prosperity are appreciated. The character and fabric of our society are now more threatened than they have been in many generations.

Please keep fighting.

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