Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Point Proven

(fm Townhall: ABC Fired Stossel?)

The ad hominem that my questioning the appropriateness of focusing an initial broadcast on Ms Rand generated proves my point. Mr Stossel was not entrusted with a show to satisfy a small group of enthusiasts but to use his talents to engage a larger audience with an important message. Much as some may like it I doubt that Mr Murdoch sees much growth potential in a Video Free Republic or Objectivists Club. That does not mean that I am rejecting Ayn Rand's work. She did excellent work that I admire and I hope that more people read it. The problem is that her approach has limited appeal to the wider audience. As part of a medley of critical thinkers, such as Mises, Hayek and Friedman, she definitely has a role and I hope that the public is made aware of her. As an initial offering to set the tone for a project I have misgivings.

The Copenhagen Circus is opening with rich people from poor countries flying in to enjoy free caviar and sex and extract tribute from working people in rich countries (that are getting less rich rapidly.) All that based on skullduggery that is video friendly. This is great television to start a show with. To turn down a gift like that would be impolite to God.

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