Monday, December 07, 2009

Doctor Doctor!!

(fm the BC thread "G & D")

Annoy Mouse,
There is a tradition of German comedy which was close to the Jewish comedy most of us know from the vaudeville and movie era. Just look up the wiki on Smith and Dale's Dr Kronkheit. Is it a surprise they are similar? Not to me. You always hate the one who knows you so well they can get your jokes. That is why Civil wars are the worst and in some ways Germany's War against the Jews was a civil war.

Now Swedish comedians are on a whole nother level. The news has been buried that a team of crack Svenksa Entertainers were headed for Iraq just before support for al-Qaeda collapsed. Just the rumor that they were going to be exposed to either the corruption of the Bikini Team or a two hour session with Lugubrious Lars the Knock Knock King proved more effective than waterboarding.

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